Ramos, E., García-Manso, J.M., Martín-González, J.M., Ruiz-Caballero, J.A., de Saa, Y. Journal: Gazzetta Medica Italiana Archivio per le Scienze Mediche. 2012. ISSN: 03933660 (in press).



Aim and methods. The professional Spanish soccer welcomes 1st and 2nd A (BBVA and Forward) leagues its international transcendence has developed that most of the best world players plays in it. However, last season’s has been characterized by its low competitiveness that means a considerable decrease of the uncertainty level in many matches of the competition. To test, in an objective way, if the competitiveness of Spanish football league is decreasing analyzing the seasons (2000/01 a 2010/11) celebrated in this century. Using the Sahnon Entropy (Sn=S/log(N)) as an analyzing tool. Results and conclusion. The data the entropy analysis, shows, despite maintaining a good level of competition, detected a decrease of uncertainty in the corresponding matches of the 1st division soccer football league in the last 11 seasons, specially last years (2001/02: 0,99349; 2008/09: 0,98857; 2009/10: 0,98203; 2010/11: 0,98561), making the competition more predictable. This could cause a loss of interest in the economic agents surrounding the football and the fans themselves. Balanced economic resources alone could form the basis of a competition where the chances of victory in games are better distributed and secure competitiveness by increasing uncertainty. In this way we can improve one of the three pillars that have supported a sufficiently attractive competition for fans, sponsors, media and clubs (uncertainty, spectacle and rivalry).

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