Relationship between physical inactivity and COVID-19

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Dear friends,

Our very interesting paper about COVID-19 and the relationship with physical inactivity has just been published in the indexed scientific journal Acción motriz.

The conclusions are quite interesting and reflect a reality that we are living. That is why we want to do our bit so that you can see the importance of good habits and the number of lives that can be saved thanks to those same good habits.

The social, economic and health consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have revealed some obvious conclusions
and other more surprising. People who perform physical exercise regularly have a lower incidence and lower
mortality in viral infections. In particular, there is a direct relationship between the degree of physical exercise and
the probability of survival to COVID-19 in hospitalized patients: 13.8% mortality in sedentary people compared to
1.8% in active people. In addition to the mental benefits of practicing physical activity, especially in periods of
confinement and post-confinement. Perhaps the pandemic has revealed the lack of physical education in the
general population, as well as poor eating habits. Which in turn indicates insufficient educational programs,
especially in the long term, as the data suggests. It would be interesting to know the scope of an unprecedented
expenditure on physical education, in terms of health parameters, as well as the savings it would entail. In addition
to the security it represents against other future health pandemics.


Access the magazine here (spanish).

Share it with all those you think necessary to save as many lives as we can.

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