We move away from the traditional model and work from a holistic concept, considering the system as a whole which is affected by the surrounding environment. Our purpose is to apply all the benefits of physical education through sport training and research. Hence our motto: Mens fervida in corpore lacertoso, a balanced mind in a virtuous body.

One of the most virtuous instruments known by man are the violins created by Stradivarius. Part of their secret was to include “blood” of Dragon Tree in the formula of its varnish, which gave to his creations an exquisite sound. We use that essence of our work, a handmade training. The ancient Greeks pursued through the playful practice the equequelia, or balance between body and spirit, and only then they could reach the areté or personal excellence. That is exactly our philosophy. Get the best of you.

We are a multidisciplinary working group with Dr. Yves de Saá Guerra at the head, which seeks to provide all scientific advances, principles and values in physical education and sport to athletes who want to improve and all those free men and women who want to attend to a modern palestra.

We work under the assertion: local changes generate global responses. We try to decipher the flow of things that surround us; because it is not possible to understand one element without the surrounding environment. Hence, our strength is to carry out a multidisciplinary work. Fruit of this work are scientific researches that we have published (papers in indexed journals with impact factor and books).

Drago intends to lead the new trends in Physical Education and Sport. And here is where our essence lies. Using the combination of training and science we want to create a center supported by four pillars: Research, Sport Training, Health and High Performance.