1. You will drive better.
    • Sport improves your ability to perceive space-time.
  2. You will be more aware of what surrounds you and yourself.
    • You will perceive better the small variations that occur in your body and in the environment that surrounds you. And how you relate to the outside. This will change the way you live.
  3. You will learn to compete and you will be more balanced.
    • Both in life and in sport, you can compete againts others without causing excessive stress and consume the obsession to win. You will understand that competing is the best way to improve. And the more your rivals improve, the more you improve yourself.
  4. Your enemies will be your best friends.
    • You will learn to respect and admire your rivals. Over time, this union becomes friendship.
  5.  Improve the conception you have of yourself.
    • You will value more what you do, your way of being and how you relate to others. They will also value this change, helping you to reinforce this positive process.
  6. It helps fight anxiety and depression. Increase enthusiasm and optimism.
  7. Improves tolerance to pain and adverse situations.
    • Sport teaches you to improve yourself and not paralyze yourself in difficult situations.
  8. Improve and increase your quality of life.
    • Mentally, physically, socially and spiritually.
  9. Improves perception, attention, memory and mental processes.
  10. It distracts us and avoids worries.
    • Playing sports helps us to relate to others and to be happier.


Article available in the LPGC Be moving application. Download it here.

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