Rodríguez-Matoso, D., Rodríguez-Ruiz, D., Quiroga, M.E., Sarmiento, S., De Saá, Y., García-Manso, J. M. International Journal of Medicine and Science of Physical Activity and Sport, 10 (40): 620-629. 2010. ISSN. 1577-0354.



The Tensiomyography (TMG) is a method used to assess muscle tone (stiffness) and the balance between muscular structures, chains muscles (flexor-extensor) and extremities (right and left), by analyzing the mechanical characteristics and contractile capacity of superficial muscles by measuring the radial displacement of the transversal fibers in the muscle belly, according to the time at which the contraction. Shows a high repeatibility, but we need to follow protocol previously established for each assessment: placement and initial pressure of the sensor displacement; duration of stimulation, and the separation between each one; angle for each joint; increases the electrical stimuli and the interpretation of data must follow the criteria of the individual athlete and the specificity of sport.

Keywords: Tensiomyography, sport, evaluation, stiffness.

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