Dear friends,

As a research center that we are, we want to put into practice the latest scientific advances at your disposal. For this we launched the program/study Lose weight with science, to lose weight thanks to science.

The benefits of working with exercise and health science professionals are palpable and have greater long-term impact.

The Palestra Drago will coordinate the project and it will take place in Tenerife, in the center Tenerife Personal Training and Gran Canaria, in Pegasus Weightlifting, and in the Palestra Drago, which coordinates the project.

The program consists of completing a training plan designed by Doctors in physical activity and sports sciences for one month and two weeks. It is aimed to any level and age. The only requirement is to be in a healthy condition to complete a strength training plan.

An initial and a final evaluation will be carried out, in order to compare and analyze the results obtained from the entire sample anonymously (the results of the entire group are analyzed, not individual ones). All participants, if selected, will be informed of the conditions of the program/study and must sign an informed consent to participate.

The participants will be divided into two groups whose membership will be decided randomly:

1 intensive training group

1 extensive training group

You have until July 16, 2022 to enroll in Lose weight with science, at participating centers.

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