Rodríguez Matoso, D. García Manso, J. M. Sarmiento, S. de Saá Guerra, Y. Vaamonde, D. Rodríguez Ruiz, D. Journal: Andalusian Journal of Sport Medicine. 5 (1):28-40. 2012. ISSN: 1888-7546.



Tensiomiography is a muscle assessment method developed in the nineties in the School of Electric Engineering of the University of Ljubliana (Slovenia) by Vojko Valencˇicˇ. It is based on measuring muscle radial displacement when muscle is electrically stimulated. The magnitude of the changes, and the time during which these changes take place allows the researcher to obtain information on mechanical characteristics and the contractile capacity of the superficial muscles assessed. The present study aims at presenting an updated revision on the published scientific articles, while offering at the same time valuable thoughts and proposals that may help researchers in the field and increase the present available information.

Key words: Muscle assement; Muscular response; Tensiomiography.

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