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We are going to talk about a case that we are currently carrying out.

This is a healthy man with a very strong training history, who needs to reach his best physical condition in a very short time.

The classical methodology tells us that to improve endurance we must train large blocks with shrot recovery time, broadly speaking.

Something more advanced, would be an interval training, where we alternate work with short breaks: the farlek that we have all experienced. But here the intervals are regular.

Our proposal, following the holistic training methodology (complex systems), is that the intervals must be irregular, and actually, it is the individual who will mark the periodicity of these. What we must do is try to force these limits and work on these edges. So we do not know how many there will be or how long they will last, at the beginning (uncertainty), but with time the work periods lengthen and the breaks disappear, being able to complete the test.


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