01. Research and Sports Disclosure

We carry out research lines in Sport and Physical Activity field. We collaborate with other national and international institutions on various topics of study (see publications). We are experts in Strength, Athletic Training, Health and Complexity Theory. Our background in Complex Systems Theory allows us to analyze statistics, charts, forecasts, etc., applied to sport, quantitatively and qualitatively, through linear and nonlinear analysis techniques. We publish our works in indexed international scientific journals with impact factor. We present our researches at international conferences. We have signed agreements with sports centers, universities and national and international research. We are a benchmark in sport. Source for all kinds of sports entities: clubs, federations, media, equipment evaluation, sporting goods, equipment, footwear, clothing, etc.

Athletic Performance Analysis (individual/collective/competitions)

Do you want to improve your performance? Do you want your club increase its results? We do not do miracles. We do science.

We study and analyze the performance of athletes, professional and/or amateurs teams; and sports organizations (leagues, federations, etc.). We advise on how to improve athletic performance through the analysis of their own or external data. Contact and tell us about your needs.

Evaluation and Sports Advice

Assess and evaluate (test, information, etc.) aspects of sports training, injury, recovery, materials, supplementation, nutrition, treatment of sports technique, workouts, etc.

02. Sport Training

Sport Training

You are going to do WHAT? You’d better get in our professional hands to achieve your goals. Much does not mean better. We carry out personal or collective training applying the Complex Systems Theory: Holistic Training; a personalized service for our customers with the latest developments and knowledge generated by the scientific community.

Physical Activity for Health

You already know that Physical Activity provides benefits for your health. Why don’t you come to see us and find out together how we can help you? We promote Physical Training with health-related goals, such as weight loss, injuries, aches, etc. and in collaboration with other health sector professionals (doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, nutritionists, etc.)

03. Education

Promote values, knowledge and training generated in our center and in the field of physical activity. Organizing conferences, courses, lectures, talks, roundtables, workshops, etc.

04. Sport Events

Participate and/or create sport events, adventure activities, outdoor activities, competitive and/or leisure activities.